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This is the lead magnet that you'd get when opting in. Try it out - this is a real guide I created as an example.

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This is the opt-in box - note the headline and the subheadline at the top explaining what my promise to the audience is.

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Here's the copy, where I explain more about why what I'm offering is important and why you should get it

High converting opt-in pages generate more leads and grow your list.

Developing an opt-in page sounds like a simple task, and it can be.

A simple opt-in page can be created in just a few minutes, but it’s likely to have very few people signing up.

Creating a beautiful but functional opt-in page can skyrocket your conversion, making sure that you are getting the maximum results out of the traffic that comes to your site.

You’ve done a great job creating an offer that people will want to get

Now you have to make sure that all of that hard work translates into sales. If you are looking for an effective lead conversion tool, opt-in pages are definitely the way to go.

Get the 8 Must-Haves For A Perfect Opt-In Page to ensure you have all the elements you need to have people say “I want that!”

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– How to design an opt-in page that converts
– The essential elements of the Thank You page
– Best practices when creating an opt-in page

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Steve Eriksen

My mission is to empower Midlife Solopreneurs to create a thriving online coaching business, by providing knowledge, help and support with marketing and technology.

I’ve helped people just like you transform the way they approach their business, helping them define a path forward and providing the guidance and support to implement strategies that work for them and their businesses.

As someone who’s been in the online marketing space for over 20 years, I’ve heard and seen it all – and I want to use my knowledge and experience to help YOU become a Trusted Advisor for your clients. 

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